At Blossom we understand the many challenges our youths are faced with daily, and we understand that young people struggle with identity issues, low- self-esteem, mental health issues and much more. And to support them through these challenges, we at blossom aim to:

Educate them on issues that affect their well-being, Inspire them to reach their full potential as young girls……AND Empower them through the transitional stages to becoming a woman. 


We educate through our seminars, workshops and on our online platform at Peace and Joy on-line radio. It is the only on-line radio based in Manchester that brings real-life discussions on issues that affect the well-being of young girls , such like mental health issues, sex, bullying, education, relationship and much more.
Our guests include, professionals, parents and teenagers alike. We aim to send out a positive message whilst we educate, provide support and signpost affected individuals to get further help.



Interesting enough, girls overwhelmingly say that they still value their mothers over celebrities or even friends as their number 1 inspiration. Mothers, here’s our invitation to you, own that relationship with that beautiful girl in your life and help her build her self-esteem.

You don’t have to have the right words, or know it all, but you must be willing to help your girl. Build a relationship so tight that she can come to you to discuss anything at any time. The relationship you may build with her, will carry her on the journey into womanhood and build her self-esteem up. Remember she is watching you and most likely will mirror all she sees in you.   

Blossom Foundation


Through our Girl in the Mirror events and Mini-me event help our teenage girls hone their understanding of the issues they face and empower them to use their skills and talents to create change in their own life’s.