You too can be a part of the #Blossomsquad. To Volunteer with us is easy, just meet the criteria mentioned below and drop us a line at

• Have a sincere desire to be involved
• Respect for young people
• Be friendly
• Flexible
• Active listening and communication skills
• Willing to have fun

Blossom Foundation

Blossom Benefits

Developing leaders

Blossom has been committed to enriching girls through leadership and excellence. With peer pressure at its max, we raise a generation of young girls who can emerge and leader

Positive self mirror

Our ‘positive self mirror initiative’ create opportunities for the various communities supported by the charity to work together in collaboration with others.


Low self-esteem often begins in childhood and reinforces a young person’s underlying doubts and fears, making some young people more prone to negative thinking as they grow older.

Skills and capacity

We develop the skills and capacity of teenage members of socially disadvantaged communities, in such a way that they are better able to identify, and help meet, their needs.